staff members

  • David Spence


    My role represents a cog in a talented community wheel of trustees, volunteers, staff, participants, artists, activists, organisers, friends and family. I have had the privilege of being part of centred for eleven years now and I am still learning about the diverse community experience. I believe that centred occupies an important place within the diverse LGBTQ communities and whilst the work may change, our commitment to diversity and equality will remain at the heart of each new and creative initiative we undertake. My role incorporates: strategy, funding, evaluation and a myriad of general management issues.

  • Gurdeep Grewal

    information manager

    The primary purpose of my role as Information Manager is to lead on the Monitoring and Evaluation of centred’s programmes and events. I am involved in creating innovative and engaging data collection methods and implementing them. Through the analysis of feedback and responses I am able to contribute towards strategic developments and changes which continually work toward making centred’s programmes more inclusive, diverse, representative and accessible. I previously worked as an Asylum Caseworker where I gained extensive experience of supporting individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs. I also have experience in the voluntary sector, with a particular focus on youth based initiatives which aim to equalise educational and life opportunities. What I bring to my role is a lot of passion and enthusiasm for centred’s work and a commitment to enhancing the organisations’ ability to create safe spaces which celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ sector.

  • Fiona McCarthy

    finance manager

    My role at centred focuses on financial strategy specifically budget setting, forecasting, financial review and grant management. I oversee centred’s financial policy and procedure and I am responsible for reporting internally and externally. What I bring is an acute attention to detail, calm and a sense of humour in an increasingly demanding financial environment.