LGBT wiki

The London LGBT Almanac wiki is an accessible website that provides comprehensive, searchable, and updated profiles of London-based LGBTQ organisations. It is the best online source for detailed, up to date information about LGBTQ organisations in London.

The information comes from surveys of London LGBTQ organisations that were conducted in November 2011-January 2012, and August-September 2010, and is now updated by organisations themselves.

Full survey results were published in the London LGBT Almanac 1st Edition, and 2nd Edition.

The wiki includes a list of London LGBTQ organisations; you can browse the amazing scope and diversity of LGBT organising, and click on an organisation’s page to find out more about it.

It is also a useful resource to search for particular services for LGBTQ people. You can search the wiki for example for housing, health, counselling, or advocacy. You can also search the wiki for specific LGBTQ communities, for example trans or older LGBTQ people. Use quotation marks around your search to find an exact phrase.

If you are from an LGBTQ organisation and would like to join the wiki to update your organisation’s page please go here

If you have any feedback or questions about the wiki please get in touch with centred.

For events listings from LGBT organisations you can visit LGBT London