Networks are a platform to communicate, share learning, develop collaborative relationships, and give and receive mutual support.

centred provides networking opportunities, some formal and some less formal, for LGBTQ organisers and organisations, individuals, activists, and artists throughout its activities.

Some of these networking opportunities have focused on learning, policy work, and funding for LGBTQ organisers.

centred previously ran the London LGBT Learning Network, which met three times per year. The Learning Network was run for diverse LGBTQ voluntary and community organisations, organisers, volunteers, activists, funders, infrastructure organisations and people who were working on other equality issues (e.g. race, disability). 

Through the Learning Network centred aimed to provide opportunities for participants to learn about and inform the sector, to work together, and to develop and reflect on practice. This was achieved by:

  • Providing regular opportunities for the diverse LGBTQ sector to meet and become familiar with each other’s work, in particular intersectional work
  • Providing a space for support and opportunities for extending knowledge, learning and critical thinking
  • Developing work around common areas of interest
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing between organisations so that we are collectively better able to deliver against mission

Below are summary reports for some of the meetings that took place: 

Inaugural meeting
June 2010 (Download the report)

Race, gender and disability
September 2010

Trans equalities
February 2011 (Download the summary report)

The London LGBT Almanac 1st Edition – Investigating the findings 
May 2011 (Download the summary report)

Dynamic practice - LGBT volunteering experiences / D/deaf LGBT organising / Diverse fundraising
September 2011 (Download the summary report)

Speaker’s/Signer’s Corner – Presentations from LGBT community of identity organisations February 2012 (Download the summary report)

Reflecting back / thinking forward – Community fundraising / Supporting the unpaid contribution / Debate: Funders should strategically support community of identity organisations / London LGBT Almanac 2nd Edition / ‘In discussion’ Ajamu and Marai Larasi: Creativity, volunteering and activism
June 2012 (Download the summary report)

A passion for the work - Joint work / Independent fundraising (link to news item)
November 2012