• LGBT Learning Network: a passion for the work

    Mon, 03/12/2012 - 20:37 -- admin

    centred hosted a London LGBT Learning Network event on Tuesday 6 November at the Graeae Theatre Company in Hackney. The title of the event was ‘a passion for the work’, and it aimed to reconnect independent fundraising by LGBT organisers and activists to the passion, the mission, and the values of LGBT organisations. The questions behind the event were: is it ok to do anything that will bring money in to LGBT organisations, even things that may be in tension with the values and mission statements of organisations? How can we keep both a passion for equality and organisational values at the core of fundraising activities? 

    To explore some of these issues, diverse speakers presented on different aspects of and ideas for fundraising. Jay Stewart from Gendered Intelligence shared their experience of independent fundraising, particularly focusing on sales as a method of fundraising. Maria Sookias from Stonewall Housing touched on some of the questions and debates that arise when public sector funding is cut and organisations have to turn to other sources, including their communities, for funds. 

    The event also included a warm up exploring sign names by Barbara Flintham, who is a teacher of British Sign Language. Sign names are signs or gestures that symbolise and identify a particular person, used with their English name. Participants who already had sign names shared these with others and hearing participants thought about what their sign names could be.

    More information about what happened at the event will soon be available on the networks page.

    Image: Concentric circles made out of Felt

    Photo by Mike Watson; centred Felt Event June 2012

  • Kairos in Soho becomes centred

    Sat, 17/11/2012 - 12:38 -- admin

    In June 2012 the charity formerly known as Kairos in Soho legally changed its name to centred. The idea of a name change has been in the planning for many years because of misinterpretations and misspellings arising from the old name. Two years ago centred went on a journey of enquiry with friends, family and participants and agreed upon centred as a truly classic name for all that we aspire to as a community organisation. On 11 December 2012, we launched the new website and went public.

    Image: Charity logo in magenta. Text: centred together equal different. The word ‘centred’ with an underline, all in magenta, with the words ‘together, equal, different’ beneath the line.

  • London LGBT Almanac 2nd Edition now available

    Sat, 17/11/2012 - 12:37 -- admin

    The London LGBT Almanac 2nd Edition is available as a uniquely designed print publication, sharing new research findings and original creative essays, visual art, photography, and poetry from acclaimed photographers and diverse contributors.

    The Almanac explores intersectional LGBTQ identity, community action, heritage and equality; with an in-depth look at LGBTQ volunteering and activism.

    To order please contact centred.

    £34.99 / £24.99 concession (+p&p)

    Detailed profiles of over 100 LGBTQ groups in London free with each copy purchased

    The Almanac will be invaluable reading for anyone with an interest in equality or the voluntary and community sectors.


    Image: The London LGBT Almanac 2nd Edition cover: grey background with yellow square, magenta triangle and blue circle